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Ljink96 said:
DonFerrari said:

Seems you already erased the memory that you dismissed the guy that said he asked to quit the employment he was making very good money for him and moved to something else because it was bad for him.

Well, this commentary wasn't directed specifically at this employee, but more of a general commentary...

I made a more direct comment about the employee earlier, that yes he can and has go find something else, but salary is often an issue when moving to a different position in this specific industry. Sometimes it's hard balancing what's "good for you" and making ends meet. 

Yes you could chose a career that pays 10x more but you didn't should that be a problem? Nope.

And sorry these aren't some very low paying career that if you don't have the best paying company on it you can't make ends meet. There are plenty of developers and also work outside of gaming for this type of worker (or let's say go indie) that he isn't totally closed out to have to work on NR.

Should NR make family friendly games and pay the same amount for the workers on it so this and other that are there but can't handle MK move to a different project?

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