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Pemalite said:
pokoko said:
I mean, yeah. If someone doesn't like the sight of blood or death, should they work as a doctor in an emergency room? Probably not. Should they work for a software developer that has depended on that kind of thing for many years? Hm.

Why didn't he just say that it wasn't for him and resign?

Everyone has different degrees of tolerances... And you don't actually know what your tolerance is until you actually see and experience it in person.

Some people can handle it, some cannot... And it is perfectly okay either way, you aren't any less of a person.
Sometimes people get exposed to this stuff and seem okay, only for issues to crop up at a later date, sometimes years later.

I have seen and dealt with allot as a first responder, so I am desensitized to it after all these years... But one thing you never do is downplay anything and try to be mindful that everyone has different limitations.

I said absolutely nothing about them being less of a person.

What I am saying is that I do not hold the company to blame if the person in question started feeling negative effects within a month and kept working on it anyway.