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thismeintiel said:
TranceformerFX said:

You'ren looking at the point I'm trying to make. The point is that Sephiroth, for the sake of setting of the stage and putting importance of Sephiroth's/Clouds relationship into context - shouldn't be appearing in the game so soon regardless if it's the same scene or not. Sephiroth doesn't appear until you're a quarter through the game on the Junon Boat.


Because at that time, the stage had been set by the discovery of headless Jenova at Shinra HQ and Sephiroth's sword moments later. Which gave leeway to the importance of Clouds memory when they fill in the rest of the party (and the gamer) why Sephiroth being STILL alive is a big deal - despite Tifa and Cloud believing he had died years earlier.

THAT'S the point I'm trying to make...

Sephiroth doesn't appear that late in the game. His first appearance is in a flashback while Cloud tells the story of Nibelheim. This happens in the first town outside of Midgar, Kalm.

Right... I already clarified that much in the bolded characters. But let me make this SUPER specific so we don't all get hung up on small details.

What I meant to say, is that you don't meet Sephiroth in the flesh (so to speak) until the Junon Boat. I didn't use Kalm as an example because it's a flashback. I'm aware that the teaser trailer is insinuating it's also a flashback, but inserting a flashback at some point in Midgar is shitty writing - and does a piss poor job of setting the stage with Sephiroth as a character/villain.