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Hiku said:
thismeintiel said:

Yes, sir.  I hope we get improved versions of all the arcade games.  Just add a little more depth to them.  More tricks for the bike/snowboarding games.  Make the paper/rock/scissors fighting game an actual fighting game with Cloud fighting those same few enemy fighters.  The sub and coaster games could probably remain the same, as just the improved graphics are good enough for them. It would be kinda cool to have VR support for those games and the Chocobo racing, though, that may be asking for too much.

Add an enhanced version of Ehrgeiz.

And for the bike game, they already developed a game for that.

I hope they put it in FF7 Remake.

TranceformerFX said:

Because at that point the game's stage hasn't even been set yet, unveiling Sephiroth that soon without even knowing what kind of threat he poses is bad writing and counter intuitive to first establishing why he's even having those flashbacka to begin with.

That's why.

That soon? We don't know when that flashback occured.
It certainly didn't look like it was in the same room as the scene that came before it.

This appears to be on some street next to a concrete pillar. And it's unclear if this is where Cloud has the flashback, or if this is where the flashback itself took place.
Some details of Cloud's encounters with Sephiroth from Before Crisis and Crisis Core should be expected in this game.
Can also be:

Zack's memories.

Although keep in mind that this game is said to have extensive new content taking place in Midgar, that will flesh out characters like Biggs, Wedge, and Jesse, and let you visit all the different Sectors. So it would not necessarily be out of place to reveal a little bit more about Sephiroth at that point in the game, if we're going to spend that much more time in it.

Sounds good to me.  Also, that pillar looks more like the side of a building, with the bottom right portion of a window.  Could possibly be the point in the story where Cloud tells them about Nibelheim, only now it has a paved road, instead of dirt.  I could also see it being a new section of Midgar, like you said.