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JRPGfan said:
CaptainExplosion said:

Are you saying he failed to live up to that idea?

So you prefer working on games that are more simplistic and cartoony? I can get behind that.

You can do realistic art, and graphics, without the gore.
Why does a finishing move need to be so bloodly gorey? it doesnt.

Theres nothing wrong with haveing a funny "finishing" move, to show mastery for bragging rights or domination of a opponent in a fighting game.
Whats wrong is these things used to be silly & fun, and now their really just gore grossout shows.

Whats wrong is the mentality of the developers pushing all this unnessary gore into the game.

What annouys me even more is this american puritan view, game devs are takeing.

Women cant wear sexy outfits anymore.

But make a game with so much violence, gore, blood,.... that developers makeing it get PTSD... and its fine.

It is sick..... go back to sexy ladies, and fun finishing moves instead.

I know an artist who's ok doing sexy ladies but he really doesn't like doing gore. Now I'm starting to get why he feels that way.

Some days I just blow up.