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TomaTito said:
RolStoppable said:

Q6 The presentation compared revenue per system between Switch and Wii. Why did Switch grow so much more?
A6 Digital business is much bigger on Switch than it was on Wii. Accessory sales (Joy-Cons, Pro Controller) are extremely good.

Digital side was obvious, but controller sales are interesting because they were very good on Wii too.

Q12 Plans to appeal to consumers who have not purchased a Switch console yet?
A12 Nintendo needs to provide more than their usual core IPs, so new kinds of game experiences are necessary.

An answer that points in the direction of something like Wii Sports, because more utilisation of existing controller features such as motion controls is one obvious area. Labo didn't catch on, but that doesn't mean that Nintendo won't try anything else. The slow rollout of such experiences may have been deliberate, because the Wii suffered from getting pushed into the casual corner and as a consequence third parties weren't interested in making games for experienced players. With Switch, Nintendo has established a core player base beyond any doubt, so game experiences that are reminiscent of Wii, for example, wouldn't stop the flow of games for experienced players.

Switch accessories are a double edge sword, the fragility of the joy-cons is way higher than that of the wiimotes, and I can image many more people buying replacement joy-cons rather than wiimotes. Not a good sign for the quality of the controllers, but more money for Nintendo.

And I hope to see more diverse lineup from Nintendo, even if some people didn't like some of the Wii output, it was interesting times to see what they could come up next and not the same old evolved gameplay types and mechanics.

Thanks for the summary and remarks Rol!

I had a huge problem with the left analog stick drifting without being touched on my first pair of joy cons, which led me to buy another pair.  Then the same thing happened.  I was actually on the verge of buying another pair, or at least a left joycon.  But, I looked around online first for other solutions.  I watched a video from Spawn Wave about opening up the joycons and replacing the analog stick yourself.  Before considering that, I also saw other people mentioning spraying under the analog stick with contact cleaner to dislodge whatever debris particles might be causing the drifting.  I had a can of DeoxIt in my house, so I sprayed around the analog stick of both misbehaving left joycons.  It eliminated the drift problem from both analog sticks.  That was several months ago, and the problem hasn't cropped up since fortunately.