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thismeintiel said:
eva01beserk said:

More leaks.

Amd wont have anything matching the 2080 untill 2020 for $500. Who knows about the 2080ti.

The 2070 match will be $330. Navi 10 with 56 compute units. will come out third Q of this year. Could this be the one in the ps5? At that price? Its still a whole year before the ps5 actually uses it. And we have to remember that sony will be getting them much cheaper.

So this scales down the rumors. Like permalite said before. Seems like Amd is still ways behind. Nvidea just has to update the rtx line to 7nm and Keep their big advantage in both power and tdp. But seems like AMD will still have a better price for performance.

I for one think we are getting at least 2070 performance on the ps5. After all, $500 ps5 seems to be likely. Who knows about the anaconda. Could be $600 with 2080 performance. But will that matter? I dont think nnext gen us casual gamers wont be able to tell. We already go by what Digital Foundry tells us.

If the leak is correct, than the Navi 10 sounds right.  I wonder if the real reason Sony skipped E3 was because they will be at AMD's E3 showing where the Navi is revealed.  They may show a few games that are in production, but they aren't far along enough yet to have a floor full of demos.  It also allows AMD to shoulder much of the price of a E3 showing, while Sony is focused on spending money on the development of the PS5.

EricHiggin said:

Since it matches up with Adored TV's most recent info, and it looks to be more in line with what one would expect, along with being closer to the rumored July 7th announcement, I'd say there's probably some validity to it. Not to mention Cerny failing to mention anything about PS5's Navi specs. PS themselves may not know exactly where Navi is going to land just yet, since it's still being tweeked possibly, so no point in mentioning specs for it, on top of the other strategic reasons they may not want to officially announce yet.

The prices are deceiving for consoles though. A $330 3080XT, with RTX 2070 specs, is the price of the entire card, and is msrp. PS will only be buying the silicon chip so the price they would pay would already be so much less than that, plus no middle man, plus in bulk.

Is Navi 10 just a cut down version of Navi 20 or a different die? If the 56CU 3080XT is a perfect die, I'd have to imagine the 52CU 3080 would be the console die, leaving room to disable some CU's.

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