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The RPG equivalent of Nintendo tech phobio, the difference being these guys qre now so close to a mistake that will cost them everything. Fallout 4 was the first step onto loose ground, then they took another with F76 and now their two feet are ready too go at any point of they step in the wrong direction. This is them eyeing up a loose bit of ground but it can be strengthened to hold their weight with updates and fresh blood in BSW, yet I am dick of saying this since 2015 and they should really scrap their engine, hire new VA and writers and take the majority of the old team onto oversight positions and do some strategic hiring. Especially after games like RDR2 or Horizon, or hell BoTW in a more artistic sense.

If they put all their cards on making a good game but with the same F4 setup it won't pay off like it did in 2011 and fall even shorter than 2015 even if they make games on par with F4 cause the tech has aged and people are aware of their bullshit, the majority now won't take it unless it is polished, where as we were the minority in 2015, a good chunk might not even give it a chance after f76.

I hope to God this is the last time I have to point this out because this is mkae or break for them. No one will even bother tqlking about bethesda if they screw this one up.