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eva01beserk said:
Trumpstyle said:

The leak is based from the youtuber adoredtv which I deemed fake long ago, here's the full lineup:

Funny thing about this lineup it matches the next-gen consoles very nicely. Take the R5 3500g and disable 2CU's for better yields and clock it at 1,8ghz and you get 4,1 Teraflops which is a very good fit for Xbox lockhart, Navi 12 with 4CU's disable clocked at 1,8ghz adds to 8,3TF and matches the rumored PS5. And than the last Navi 10 at 48CU's clocked at 1,95ghz gives 12TF which is a nice fit for Xbox anaconda.

Now the clock-speed is based on the leaked gonzalo which indicates a Cpu clocked at 3,2ghz and GPU clocked at 1,8ghz for the PS5, since consoles usually have lower clock-speed than desktop parts I assume Navi can hit 2-2,1GHz without much issue.

About navi hitting geforce 2080Ti performance, I don't think it's impossible, Vega 7 is close to geforce 2080 and assume Navi can hit 2-2.1ghz then a 64CU gpu with maybe 5% per/TF increase from architecture and it's very close to geforce 2080Ti about 10% under which this leak suggest. And a 64CU Navi gpu should have the die size around 300mm2+ so even the price is not out of whack with gddr6 ofc.

Even though I still think this is a fake leak the rumored next-gen consoles gives it some credibility.

So you really believe Sony will launch a new gen that is not even 2 times faster than its latest console launch, the ps4 pro? But for some reason you believe the anaconda will be 2x the x1x, making it almost 1.5 the power of the ps5 assuming its all coming at the same time.  What are you expecting the prices will be for them?

Honestly a new gen console coming at only 1.3 the power of the previous last gen top console would be just ridiculous. Specially not weaker than stadia.

Yea, he keeps saying this, but there is no way it is happening.  It would be absolute suicide for Sony to release a next gen system that is only ~2 Tflops more than the XBO X, while XB2 is 2x the X, and probably only $100 more.  PS5 would just be a punch line at that point.  We have already gotten a confirmation from a reporter at Kotaku that Sony and MS are at least trying to outdo the 10.7 Tflops that Stadia is pulling.  I think worst case scenerio they will be about on par with that, so ~10 Tflops.  The 8.3 seems more like wishful thinking on his part to me.

DonFerrari said:
ironmanDX said:

Well, look at the launch of the current gen. Xbox One sold well! Really well! It was the 3rd highest launch ever at the time (if memory serves) in spite of them absolutely butchering their reveal and Sony's more capable, cheaper machine and all the good will in the world.

They could have killed a puppy live on YouTube and would have been applauded. In spite of this, ps4 didn't double xbox during the launch window.

Sony isn't going to have that luxury next generation. While they're very likely to sell more next generation, it isn't written in stone. AMD would be fools to back one horse over the other when they already have both in their pocket.

We are talking about a 2 year window and you want to look at a 2 month window?

Sony sold much more than MS from the very begging, and PS5 would do the same. Sony can easily have a contract obeying they average sales for the 2 year period (which would be over 30M) while MS can't, they never got anywhere near the numbers. Unless console landscape changes a lot (which you seem to be determined to believe because of reasons) Xbox next will sell about half of PS5.

Exactly.  Not sure why this concept is so hard to comprehend for some.  Sony has much better bargaining power in order to demand lower prices, at least on the onset of the gen.  Yes, if by some miracle the XB2 performs about on par, or better, than the PS5, AMD will adjust prices to reflect this change.  But, at the beginning, Sony is going to have made 115M+ purchases with AMD, making them much more money than MS, which gives them a better bargaining position.  AMD is going to want to make them happy, and will see that Sony is more than likely going to repeat that success next gen.