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Asriel said:
I was a bit mixed on the latest episode. Not going to share thoughts at length - but there is one thing people could help me with. I've seen a few comments that this latest episode proves season 8 leaks were on the ball. Anyone idea where or when these leaks happened? I know pretty much all of season 7 leaked before hand through scripts.

The Freefolk subreddit, occasionally through 4Chan or Frikidoctor's YouTube (though he no longer does spoilers after HBO threatened a lawsuit, apparently).

TL, DR: there are three solid leaks at this point, which somewhat diverge among themselves. But apparently the three following are more or less confirmed or are more relevant:


- A scene was filmed where Tyrion bails Jaime out of jail

- A scene was filmed where Arya and the Hound are pressed against the gates as people rush to take shelter (in the Red Keep?)

- Grey Worm and Dany + Drogon will go full Gengis Khan in King's Landing and the Red Keep specifically. Rumored to be fairly one-sided

- Two have Jon killing Dany, but Frikidoctor and an older full-season leak claim she lives

- Cersei and Jaime die together, Drogon does it, specifics unclear