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Easy one for me because I haven't played through any Wii game from start to finish.
The closest was Twilight Princess, and even there I was only a few temples in. (I plan to play through that game at some point though.)

I just did not want to deal with the wiimote or sensor bar, so that was the primary reason for why I never bought a Wii I suppose.
Though I did intend to buy it one christmas when there was a great deal for a black wii, with Skyward Sword and a Wiimote+ for only $80. But it was sold out when I got there, so that was the end of that story.

I enjoyed playing Mario Kart Wii and Smash with with friends, but besides those and Zelda I wasn't particularly interested in any other games on the Wii though, aside from Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, but only several years later when it looked to be better than I initially expected. Xenoblade is also on that list. But that's about it.

For N64 there were a bunch of games I was interested in, and enjoyed playing.

Mario 64
Zelda: Ocarina
Zelda: Majora
Mario Kart
Perfect Dark
Wave Race
Pilot Wings
Star Fox
Yoshi's Story
Pokemon Snap
Pokemon Stadium (Mainly so it would let me play Pokemon Crystal through an adapter because I didn't have a Game Boy)
Jet Force Gemini (I feel like this game wasn't particularly good, but as a kid I still enjoyed it.)

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