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bananaking21 said:
This site literally throws spam at you and shitty ads. Heck my notifications keep lighting up for stupid reasons which the mods themselfs keep putting up, then defend it. Heck a mod called me a cunt, and another mod saw the post and did nothing in the thread I complained about the prediction league spam. Now it's badges spam. User experience means nothing on this site, the site was notoriously slow and lagy for years, it also kept crashing and basically nothing was done about it.

And the sites main attraction, the numbers, were worthless all gen long. So people left more than they came.

Your notifications are "lighting up for stupid reasons", because you've failed to spend even the shortest amount of time reading up on the DOZENS (and I do mean, DOZENS!!!) of posts that have been created on these various topics (hell, I stickied a post and forced it to the top of the Hot Topics box for a WEEEK - outlining every change made recently, and the options available to you to work with them - did you even read it?????).

At the very least, have you ever spent even an eighth of a second, looking at your User Preference settings? There are options to enable & disable just about every single notification that gets generated...    ...hell, if you even spent an eighth of a second REPORTING these types of problems in the Website forum, your questions would have been answered within minutes (whether by me, or by the dozens of other users around here who are extremely helpful with these matters).

Bottom line: You don't like the notifications? No problem - turn them off, it's not all that difficult...