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mZuzek said:
IamAwsome said:

This. VGC ebbs and flows with console generations. People were saying the same things back in 2012-13. With the next generation of consoles coming, I would wait until those get here to be worried. 

Well, I wasn't around back then to know, but I sure hope that's the case, then. It just feels strange to me that it would work this way, given how active the place was with NX discussion between 2015-2016, shouldn't there be more speculation about the next generation now, too?

The NX was prime material for rumours and speculations. The other times I've seen a single topic so much discussion was with The Order 1886 (for some reason it had an insane amount of hype behind it) and the WiiU with the will it recover/will it not.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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