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LudicrousSpeed said:
John2290 said:

Conspiracy? Eh? Pfft. It's not a conspiracy theory when it turns out to be true.


Loving this game to bits, it just keeps getting better and more enjoyable as all good games do to keep you interested and hooked. 

So because one guy with a YouTube channel found some stuff he thinks makes the writer an SJW, that means Gamespot was “caught” tanking the score? 

Oh and of course he isn’t even interested in the game. He knows it’s at least a 7/10, but wasn’t interested enough in the game to buy it. 

It was her twitter I came from, not the quartering video but after seeing the video in my inbox I linked that which was a mistake, after watching it he didn't hut on much of the point on her twitter as it seems she has deleted mamy of the tweets. It's nothig but a grave of tweets now. 


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