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MrWayne said:
John2290 said:

Conspiracy? Eh? Pfft. It's not a conspiracy theory when it turns out to be true.


Loving this game to bits, it just keeps getting better and more enjoyable as all good games do to keep you interested and hooked. 

LOL a video from theQuartering or should I say theQuivering

He's the guy who made like 100 videos on captain marvel because "REEEEE FEMINISTS IN MY MEDIA!!", he even admitted that he does all those stupid videos solely for the money.

LMAO I was about to ask if he ever saw the debate The Quartering did with Destiny! It was a joke. He basically went back on any point he's ever made and agreed with everything Destiny said despite saying the opposite on his own videos. Acted like he always thought this way.