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Reasons why KH3 will go to the Wii:


1: Money. After what has been pointed out numerous times and that this knowledge is so obvious it needs not a link, Disney is the ultimate factor in deciding where KH3 will go. Most companies are about the money. There is no denying that fact. SE and Disney are no different. The Wii will eat a game up and crap out millions. The PS3 and 360 do make profit, but not NEARLY to the extent of the Wii. Anyone denying this fact is, well, living in denial.

2. Demograph. I would define Kingdom Hearts as a casual-core game. When most people go into a videogame store, they see quirky videogame characters and TV icons. They do not see an unfathomably complicated story or insane button mashing. They see Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and think it is a game about them. The Wii is the definition of that demograph. The 360 is more of the hardcore crowd which KH is not. The PS3 is basically the 360, but is more appealing to an extent because of the added features. If it goes on the 360, there will be crap sales. PS3 could do it decent, but it should seem obvious that the Wii would do better due to reasons already stated.

3. Userbase. Obviously the PS360 have more users. But if the Wii keeps gaining marketshare, it could gain 50% by 2009. Also, if it is multi-platform, it would go to the PS3 as well because it would also sell decent, but I doubt it because their engines are very different and it would take a while to do it again from scratch. The Wii is also far easier to develop for.

So, in terms of which SE would pick as the consoles to develop for:





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