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fatslob-:O said:

All human males come with penises and the 'rest' are just "conditions or states" ... 

Even if some of the women buck the social norms, it does not change their one key physiology and all of them come with vaginas regardless ... 

How one would 'deal' with people like these are personally up to themselves ... 

False. There are "human males" which come with both sets of reproductive organs and chromosomes that do not match the standard gender norm.

Granted such individuals are the exception rather than the norm.

melbye said:

That woman has not achieved that look by natural means, she is a deviation of what is normal.

When it comes to ones mass, biologically everyone has a certain potential... Her potential is what you might see in that image whilst another person will have a very different potential, thus not everyone can achieve such bulk.

o_O.Q said:

what about intersex people? what about people with XXY or XYY chromosomes? what about non binary people? etc etc etc

Those who are trans did start life out as male or female though from a biological perspective, they decided later in life to undergo a transition to deviate from that.

John2290 said:

They can live a lie all they want, even spread the lie. I don't care, what I do care about is trying to worm this shit into science through social means, the shaming of scientists and running them out of a job unless they conform to this thinking, even if they still practice empirically under the table is straight from the dark ages or something out of Orwell like literature and on the matter of written text, they'll come for the litriture next and the medical texts once they realize it contradicts thier beliefs before they eventually get full control of digital media, it's just a matter of time, the books will be destroyed or at least they'll try and make a case for it. This needs to be nibbed in the bud and I wouldn't be surprised if there is no chance and it is some high level social engineering or interstate subversion and bot, mind fuckery at play. 

So no, I don't think biological sex is a social construct, just writing that in a sentence is plain contradictory.

Citation needed.

EricHiggin said:
Is math and science a social construct, because we made them up. They didn't exist before we created them. Are the answers they give us really the truth or does it simply explain what we see and not what's really happening underneath?

Math and science are the tools we use to explain concepts in the natural world, they are certainly a human invention, they are certainly as accurate as the evidence portrays them to be.

fatslob-:O said:

As far as I can see there are only potentially 3 valid biological sex states. You're either a male, female, or both but by no means does it serve as a justification for transsexuals to defy this classification system on an ideological basis since there are very real biological consequences that comes with it ... 

Or "none of the above".

TheBird said:

I don't know how one does "not fit comfortably into male or female". You either have a penis, or a vagina, and that is literally just that. It's what determines your sex. if you do not believe that, then you need some psychological help. Now, how you want to use those said tools, is entirely up to you, and completely okay (Unless harmful to others).

Clearly you haven't been paying attention to the thread... And thus people do not need "psychological help" for their convictions, something you need to keep in mind as you attempt to engage in civil debate.

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