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Metroid33slayer said:
Torillian said:

So when you were saying that it's a "scientific biological fact" what are you basing that off of? Because when someone says that I expect to see a scientific study, a review of the available literature, y'know....sciencey shit. What I don't expect is a youtube video who doesn't back up any of his claims beyond "you all know it's true right?" based off a single web article on the different forms of love ancient Greeks had words for. 

I remember seeing studies that showed a mans social economic performance was his greatest attraction for a woman but this was years ago and in this gynocentric society the leftist media is not going to reveal data that show women to be shallow goldiggers because it might hurt their feelings. Here's a couple of video's, now the commentator is mgtow so he doesn't rate women too highly but he is referencing articles based on legit studies.



You had to make it political.....  The truth is you get what you look for.  I do not know what type of women you meet but the ones I have met are the rid or die type.  Meaning they would kill for you no matter how much money or status you have.  They would lay down their lives for you and care for you if you came up broken beyond belief. The Truth is, if you are a shallow person you probably attract the same type of person.  You will walk around believing you are this great person but in reality you are just as shallow as the person you chose to live with.

Either way, those videos are a joke.  Some hurt bastard trying to paint a broad stroke on every woman with nothing more behind it then a pity train looking for others in the same place.