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I honestly like what they did physically to Thor. He looks more like the Thor of mythology, less Hollywoodian playboy. The depressive part is also kinda understandable. The Fortnite part is a great continuation to Thor Ragnarok and the roommate webshorts.

Amazing movie, made me cry a few times. Perfect end for several key characters, it will be hard to continue without Cap and Tony honestly. They need to find a great actor to carry the Avengers movies from now on, and they didn't find yet (Black Panther, Spiderman and Captain Marvel are very far from this level for now).

Only one small scene bothered me a little, the "girls power to save Spiderman". Felt a little forced in the middle of the awesome battle. No big deal, I just hope that they won't multiply that kind of stuff from now on.

EDIT: "bothered" is too strong a word. It just made me smile like "a bit obvious, guys, no?". Let them show their strength by fighting like they were doing, no need for the pause in the action for the slow motion close up one by one. They handled Captain Marvel, Potts and Valkyrie very well for example. 

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