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BasilZero said:
HylianSwordsman said:

1. I made no assumption over the decision making of the creator.

2. And yours is not a reasonable comparison at all. Xbox One is a strange naming convention that pays no attention to numerical order. KH3 has a three at the end because it continues the main story arc last visited in KH2.

3. Sure, all the spinoffs have important details for KH3, but there's nothing unreasonable about me wanting them to get back to the story and stop complicating it with all these side stories.

4. And there's nothing unreasonable about calling a deck building card based battle system with "worlds" that are just skins over a castle's walls like Chain of Memories a spinoff to a game about traveling between Disney Worlds through interdimensional travel and fighting with a traditional ARPG fighting system.

5. And I'm not here to play games, I'm here to discuss them. If you want to play games, VGChartz is not where you should be. It's a forum. Not a game console.

1. You did by dismissing what Nomura has been saying for years in interviews

That's not an assumption. I didn't assume that Nomura thinks like me, I assumed that what he said is how he really thinks, but I disagree with him.

2. Using this logic, you must be miserable waiting 30 years for Super Mario Bros 4 and Legend of Zelda 3 l0l

You're misrepresenting me again. Kingdom Hearts 3 is a sequel to 2, in that it continues the main story. The others are filler by your own admission. Mario doesn't have a continuous story and Zelda has the same events replaying throughout Hyrule's history with loose connections in the lore. They would never have a similar number system. You're being disingenuous here.

3. Stick to non-story games cause you obviously dont consider story to be a important aspect.

Of course I do. You've no business telling me what I think.

4. My case in point, you must be miserable considering waiting for Super Mario 4 despite the fact that Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxies 1/2, and Odyssey play differently from Super Mario Bros 1, The lost levels/2, and 3.

Super Mario 64 did play different from World, and yes, I did very much miss the way World played until New Super Mario Bros. came around. I also missed the way 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy played while waiting for Odyssey.

5. Trust me, I play more games than I venture into a forum arguing with walls who cant tell a mainline game from a "spinoff".


The games are spinoffs.

HylianSwordsman said:

1. And I agree with that statement you just made. My point isn't that BBS, DDD, 358/2 Days, etc. shouldn't exist, it's that the story of Kingdom Hearts is overly complicated by all these spinoffs and I'd rather they designed the entire story differently, so that Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and 3 (the story that follows Sora in his fight against the main villain in his main story arc) would be something you could buy, play, and understand without needing to purchase 6 different game systems to play every game when they come out, and without ret-conning everything I know multiple times with prequels and betwequels that tell me that the game I just played lied to me.

2. You don't understand how I might find that frustrating? I still love the series, and 358/2 Days is actually my favorite story of the bunch, with my favorite characters, but is it that unreasonable to wish that 3 came out less than a decade after 2, and that all the filler and spinoffs made in between then had been designed a bit differently?

3. If you're fine with it all, good for you, but Basil is being pretty nasty and dismissive about it. I haven't said anything unreasonable here.

1. Its called Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far on PS4.

That I had to wait 10+ years for.

2. This has to be a joke post. I'm guessing if KH3 wasnt called KH3, you would still be waiting for a "3"? l0l

If it wasn't called 3 but was the exact same story, I'd be saying it should be called 3, but nonetheless feel satisfied that they finally got around to finishing that part of the story.

3. At least I'm not being arrogant, ignorant and dismissive of the creator's vision and calling mainline games he has confirmed multiple times as "Spinoffs" just because they play differently, God forbid if every game ended up like New Super Mario Bros.

That's what a spinoff is!