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So if Chelsea loses a match and we win both our remaining games there's still cha... FUCK IT ALREADY!! I kind a wished either Chelsea or ManU would've won so it all would be done and dusted already. Can't take this shit anymore lol they keep throwing bones at us and we've fucked it over and over again. 

I think Emery should be given another season and hopefully a more successful transfer window. Pep & Klopp struggled on their first seasons too. But the difference is, you could instantly tell what kind of football they wanted to play. They had a clear plan and playstyle. And I still don't have a clue what kind of football Emery wants us to play, he just keeps tinkering his formations and gameplan and doesn't have his starting 11 figured out. I think players are confused and frustrated about this as well. He just changes his tactics depending on the opponent and I don't like that. 

At the start of the season I would have thought finishing 5th or 6th is fine, it's a write-off season. But now this all reads like a huge failure. It's not much of an improvement over Wengers worst ever season last year.