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talkingparrot said:
Neos said:
final fantasy was always on sony platforms...oh crap! (first nintendo then sony)
Dragon quest was always on sony platforms.. oh crap (first nintendo then sony now nintendo again)

You get the picture, it's a Wii exclusive. Square only cares about money, like they should.

Kingdom Hearts has always been a game that defines the era.  It is a technical achievement.  I predict that the Wii will get a sidestory - and thats not hard to imagine since we have three different stories / eras that are interwined (Sora, Roxas, and the Future Keyblade War world);




This strategy satisfies Wii owners looking for a more casual game and Playstation 3 owners who would forgo the card / puzzle game for the full head RPG experience.  By the time the game is released the Playstation 3 will be hovering at $250 dollars anyhow.


People take for granted that Sony and Disney have a very close relationship thanks to the Bluray consortum and that Sony owns around 13% of Square Enix.


Kingdom Hearts has never been technically impressive. Sony owns closer to 7ish% of Square right now, and that didn't stop Dragon Quest from swapping platforms and it is as big a series roughly. And I don't think Sony has much leverage with Disney due to Blu-ray. disney is on pretty good terms with all the console manufacturers right now, and wouldn't see much improvement in their Blu-ray division because of a deal with Sony over a video game.

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