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NightlyPoe said:
Bristow9091 said:

Yeah but that sounds a little too similar to their arrival at Sokovia in Age of Ultron, lol... also now you've mentioned Captain Marvel, something bugs me about her part in the film, specifically at the start;

Okay, so if you've watched Captain Marvel (Or if not?), the post-credits scene shows the Avengers looking at Nick Fury's pager, the power dies on it, and then she appears asking "Where's Fury?" or something of the like, yes? I assumed that was just a scene from Endgame when I first saw it (Much like how scenes from future films have been shown in previous films, Captain America's first scene in Avengers being shown during his first film's post-credits scene)... 

Anyway; So when she comes flying up to Tony and Nebula and saves them, brings their ship to Earth and to the Avengers HQ... she never really introduced herself, and nobody asked who she was, as if they already knew each other or something, but that post-credits scene from Captain Marvel wasn't actually in Endgame, so I guess what I'm asking is... why the fuck did nobody in the film question who she was?! o.O

Simple answer is that the Captain Marvel mid-credits scene happened before she went out to fish Tony.  The only logical problem I see is that Nick Fury's pager, the one that would save them all in case of emergency, obviously didn't have much juice.  Change the battery Nick!

It had to send the message to the whole universe to look for her, I don't think it was a case of low battery just think it had to work super hard to do it's job.

I would definitely think that the cap marvel credits happened before this movie, same as any other mid credits scene is between movies.

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