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Shaunodon said:
With all the time they spent at first going down nostalgia road and the multiple time-travel buddy trips, I was worried there wouldn't be much room for the epic climax but man they fucking nailed it. Amazing how they managed to juggle all those moving parts and make it a comprehensible package.

Iron Man is the GOAT Cinematic Super Hero.

I know Iron Man was the film that started it all and he was the one who basically saved the day but I kinda didn't think he deserved the "honor". 2/3 of his films were just okay to me. Not bad but not "Winter Soldier good". In history, his books were never the most popular. He wasn't a mascot like Spidey, the first like Cap, or the Fantastic Four. But I'm a jaded old asshole. Ignore me. The way they handled his character in Civil War and the Avengers films was great.

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