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DonFerrari said:

Man I didn't say it wasn't criticized, I said I wasn't aware of it because lack of internet, friends liking it and magazines not criticizing.

199 USD not Pounds, but anyway yes price corrected it changes. Still we didn't see any real acceleration due to price cut. PS4 basically had a single 100 USD pricecut and is already on its 6th year in the market. No other Playstation have done it for so long.

Also if you want to say Switch is a hybrid as a lot of people does you can't just resort to "but it didn't reach HH price". Let's also remember 3DS launched at 250, which adjusted by inflation would be more than 299 Switch launched at.

That's the whole point no other PS platform has done it which is why NS keeping up is a good sign this also is the same with 3DS as it required a price cut while NS is performing like this with out one all prior Nintendo platforms would have already had a price cut at this point.