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Hiku said:

I was always fairly sure that P5 would end up on Swith, but not because of Joker in Smash. While I think it increased the chance, I didn't think his inclusion meant it has to happen. A lot of different companies want to collaborate with Persona 5. Fashion brands, popular Japanese mobile games like Granblue Fantasy and Puzzle & Dragon, and studios like Omega Force and (probably) Arcsys.

Atlus had put the previous Persona games on the most relevant handheld (has to be able to run the game) so I thought Switch seemed like an obvious choice.

But I did not think it would be called Persona 5 Switch. Maybe 'S' if there were some substantial differences, but not Switch. If it's the same game as its PS4 counterpart then that would only cause unnecessary problems and confusion that can be easily avoided.

I went from being certain, to 'not sure' yesterday, to not expecting it anymore today.

It would have been nice if they released it on Switch because P5 deserves to expand it's audience.
But it's Atlus decision. It may still happen at some point, but for now they killed my expectations with the trailer.

Thank you, this post pretty much sums up my thoughts. I still want P5 on Switch, but it seems unlikely, after yesterday (P5 Royal infos). I didn't expected P5S to be an extended P5, after Royal turned out to be it. But still nice to get another branded Warriors, might pick it up.

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