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Hiku said:
160rmf said:
It'll be funny see this thread when we get a oersona 5 switch port announcement. Swallowing all this cockness seeing your exclusive getting "impure" with a nintendo version will be a great show.

If you think someone was cocky and you want to call them out, quote them. Who are you referring to?
Don't try to start a flame war with generalized insults like this.

The guy is just salty and its pretty obvious.

On Topic:

Considering that Nintendo is getting all sorts of Persona 5 related games (Q and now this), i would think its only fair if we start getting some Shin Megami Tensei related games... but i wont be port begging for said games because i simply absolutely hate the act of port begging, i have to wonder if the people who begged for P5 for years will finally buy a PS3, 4 or 5 to play the game or if they will just simply ignore it from now on, even though a lot of them acted like they were bigger fans of the game than those who actually played it, (ive seen a lot of people like that especailly on Gematsu).

I doubt i will buy Scramble since i just find that genre particularly boring, its the type of game i would likely buy if we werent sorrounded by so many other amazing games that i rather spend my time on.