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John2290 said:
TalonMan said:

Not sure what you mean by "replies don't work"? Do you mean, you aren't able to post ANY messages in the forums on mobile??

I didn't realize creating a new thread and replying, would use separate code for storage - so the mention code wasn't replicated in the new thread functionality. This has been fixed now (I just tested with a new thread and saw your mention, post).

Not sure why you wouldn't get the drop-down - is this in the "mobile" view?

I agree - this is something I noticed, myself.

This wouldn't have worked - are you also not seeing the drop-down? Were you in "mobile" when you posted this?

I am able to reply but not qoute and it has to be a quick reply at the bottom of the thread as the reply button has the same issue. Only requesting the desktop site alleviates the issues. 

I was on mobile yes. 

Ok - let's dig into this a bit more...

First, as I mentioned above - the mobile mention is currently unavailable (and, as I described in the OP, manually typing out the mention was intentionally scrapped). I will be revisiting this.

Second, and more important, let's figure out what's going on with your ability to reply in mobile. Obviously, the quick reply will always work because that's just a standard text box, nothing fancy - but I'm more interested in sorting out why you can't seem to use the editor. If you click "Reply" or "Quote" underneath a post, are you saying nothing at all happens??? What browserdevice are you using?