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DonFerrari said:
twintail said:

The evidence is in relation to the impact of game content on children, not the low crime rate.

I have already said that I don't have any 'serious research' into the subject. I can't be more open about this.

You are making sweeping statements as if they are objectively true. They aren't.

My position is that this game content has some impact on child harm, even if minimally, something your own word choice adheres to.

You know that the one who makes the claim have to proof, you already said you don't have any proof that these types of games harm any child, so you can't demand that anyone presents proof on the opposite.

Then put your words into action: you made the inital claim to which I replied to, not the other way around.

And I'm not sure what exactly you are reading but I've never demanded proof from you at all; I've only critisied your inability to produce any proof yourself, but only because you have demanded it from me but are so obviously unwilling to provide it yourself.