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John2290 said:
Not related but I thought you guys should know that replies don't work in the monmbile verison on Android, I have to request desktop view to reply. Also, I want to support but when I try I am locked into a Paypal only checkout and I can not remember my password, it seems paypal no longer aloows for a checkout without a sign in or having to create an account, is there any other way? As I would have like a year of silver teir had this not been an issue since my last supporter teir ran out.

Not sure what you mean by "replies don't work"? Do you mean, you aren't able to post ANY messages in the forums on mobile??

kirby007 said:

I did not get a notification @Talonman 

Edit and i don't get the dropdown menu

I didn't realize creating a new thread and replying, would use separate code for storage - so the mention code wasn't replicated in the new thread functionality. This has been fixed now (I just tested with a new thread and saw your mention, post).

Not sure why you wouldn't get the drop-down - is this in the "mobile" view?

John2290 said:
Oh and as a black theme user, the black font on the general user mentions is very hard to see. Perhaps something more apparent on both balck and white backgrounds.

I agree - this is something I noticed, myself.

John2290 said:

This wouldn't have worked - are you also not seeing the drop-down? Were you in "mobile" when you posted this?