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DonFerrari said:
twintail said:

Sorry, I didn't realise you held a PhD in Japanese crime. Of course you don't need to provide evidence, my mistake.

and your constant use of the comparative form doesn't deny my claims, but rather highlights it

There is no proof that DMC 5 was a Sony mandated thing: their policy affects every region. So DMC5 not being affected in JPN doesn't add up to being Sony's policy.  

Do you need evidence that Japan have low crime rate? Or you just want to avoid giving proof of your statement?

The evidence is in relation to the impact of game content on children, not the low crime rate.

I have already said that I don't have any 'serious research' into the subject. I can't be more open about this.

You are making sweeping statements as if they are objectively true. They aren't.

My position is that this game content has some impact on child harm, even if minimally, something your own word choice adheres to.