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couchmonkey said:
I question whether Sony is implementing a broader anti-sexualization campaign and trying to obfuscate it behind the only underage banner based on Devil May Cry...or is the female character in DMC supposed to be under 18?

I cant totally argue with the underage stance, Japans permissive stance on media depicting sexualized young girls is disturbing to me and I dont like how it is even creeping into mainstream products like Fire Emblem (Nowi). Free Speech is great, but I am not surprised if a platform holder wants to distance itself from this type of content.

I suppose that brings one more option to the forefront, maybe Sony is signalling this to try to get its competition in trouble for allowing the content on their platforms...although if thats the case why would they still allow it uncensored in Japan?

Let me be clear that I do not condone sexualization of children.  In fact, I see no point of sexualization of any kind in games.  It normally doesn't add anything to it unless that's the character's characteristic and even then I wonder why did the developer made that choice.  But I also do not condemn it by condoning that condemnation (I hope you got that) through censorship.  For example, it doesn't bother me to see a man's or a woman's backside when showering.  But this might offend some, and they might make enough noise to have a patch made to remove the scene.  It doesn't matter to me either way.  But if this group of people gets their way, it's only fair for other groups as well.  So by the time everyone gets they voice heard and acted upon, you're left with a game tamer than Mario.  Nothing wrong with games as such, but creativity and innovation get stifled when we allow censorship based on our personal preferences and especially when we give into political pressure that doesn't caters to its marketable audience.

So with that said and after buying all the Neptunia games on a PlayStation platform, I'll be purchasing my copy of Super Neptunia RPG out of principle on my future Switch due to the censorship imposed on this game by Sony on the PS4 version.