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Azzanation said:
It amazes me that many still believe that the PS4 beat the competition based on its games.. when in fact the PS4's early line-up wasn't that much better than the XB1 and WiiU's games. PS4 strived off indie games for the first couple of years and PS4's real big game came from Bloodborne which launched more than a year after the launch and sold around 3m copies leading into its 4th year on the market.. in other words a niche game not for everybody.

Point is PS4 was selling like crazy before the games arrived and in fact id argue that the XB1 had a better library of games during the launch years and had the critically acclaimed Respawns 1st game Titanfall which was considered one of the highest AAA rated games in its year. PS4 sold due to extreme hype, marketing and competition failing to deliver on the innovation front. Credit where credit is due, Nintendo and MS tried something difference with WiiU building on the Wii Motion faze and adding a new way to play with the Touch Pad and MS pushing Kinect 2.0 which was a huge success with the 360 and is in the Guinness Book of Records for fastest selling electronic accessories. They went with what worked and tried to double down on it. PS4 didn't change much from the PS3 aside from the power jump and the DS4 controller which all companies added new controller features etc.

The games was the icing on the cake however even if the PS4 didn't bring the games in its later years, it still would have sold well, much like how Steam is the most popular gaming app on PC and its not because of the AAA exclusives it rarely puts out yearly.

Eh....that's pretty debatable. InFamous Second Son came in just a couple of months after the PS4 dropped. Xbox One wasn't the only one with a stellar title at that time. The PS4 did beat the competition with it's games as time went on. That's what kept it afloat. Not just from 1st party. You shouldn't downplay a game because it's niche. Bloodborne was heavily sought after on Xbox One.

You do have a point about the INTIAL sales in the PS4's infancy with hype, failed promises, unwanted features, etc. Still I feel like you're trying to, again, downplay when it comes to PS4. You're basically saying that PS4 is a suped up PS3. You can say the same about Xbox if we're going by that logic. The DS4 is more innovative than Xbox One's controller. I don't feel like naming the features it has. However, seeing as the Xbox One's controller is a slight redesign of the incredible 360's controller...it's not really debatable about what new controller features the DS4 had compared to Xbox One's. Comfortability and preference is an entirely different discussion.

To jump back into the PS4/PS3 thing, it's unfair to say that it didn't change that much outside of a power jump. Once more I don't want to do a comparable feature thing between the 2 consoles. That's been done to death over the years. I do know that PS4 is the only one that offered proper VR out of the 3. Xbox One and PS4 are pretty identical in a lot of ways though outside of VR. Kinect and PS Camera are pretty much the same, except the Kinect is much better in my opinion. Still it's something they both do. So if the PS4 didn't change much from PS3, then neither has Xbox One from the 360. Btw that last statement before this one is totally ignorant and I don't agree with that. Just going by the logic that's presented.

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