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twintail said:
DonFerrari said:

You are on the it needs to go out because it harms child, so proof would be adequate.

If legal stuff plays a bigger role then it is quite ridiculous to start witch hunting on things because you don't like them.

Sorry, I didn't realise you held a PhD in Japanese crime. Of course you don't need to provide evidence, my mistake.

and your constant use of the comparative form doesn't deny my claims, but rather highlights it

couchmonkey said:
I question whether Sony is implementing a broader anti-sexualization campaign and trying to obfuscate it behind the only underage banner based on Devil May Cry...or is the female character in DMC supposed to be under 18?

I cant totally argue with the underage stance, Japans permissive stance on media depicting sexualized young girls is disturbing to me and I dont like how it is even creeping into mainstream products like Fire Emblem (Nowi). Free Speech is great, but I am not surprised if a platform holder wants to distance itself from this type of content.

I suppose that brings one more option to the forefront, maybe Sony is signalling this to try to get its competition in trouble for allowing the content on their platforms...although if thats the case why would they still allow it uncensored in Japan?

There is no proof that DMC 5 was a Sony mandated thing: their policy affects every region. So DMC5 not being affected in JPN doesn't add up to being Sony's policy.  

Do you need evidence that Japan have low crime rate? Or you just want to avoid giving proof of your statement?

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