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Mandalore76 said:
SammyGiireal said:

He gave Ocarina 3D 74 I will assume he played these games late.

I stopped reading the Ocarina 3D review at the line "the ps1-2 had better graphic capabilities than the N64 or Gamecube ever had".

Strong statements indeed considering both are false. The N64 was the better machine in terms of pure rendering power. It's only hindrance was the cartridge format. But Zelda couldn't be done on PS1, not Mario 64 for that matter. In terms of 3-D rendering capabilities, it wasn't until the Dreamcast that the N64 was surpassed. At least console wise. The GameCube was also a bit more powerful than the PS2. RE4 took a noticeable downgrade in graphical quality when it was ported over to the PS2. Metroid Prime would have been impossible to run on PS2 hardware at that type of quality and frame rate.