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TranceformerFX said:
d21lewis said:

It's like the media chooses the winner early on and then shapes a narrative to support it. But when things look too bad for a company, they swing the other way.

In my perspective and personal account, the media, retail companies and gaming outlets REALLY wanted Microsoft's Xbox One to be the winner - even after sales statistics and forecasts clearly showed that the PS4 was outselling the X1 two to one.

The X1 is obviously an American product (Microsoft) but E3's 2013 shit show DRM controversy totally f**ed them. I remember that demonstration, that whole keynote was about TV, Cable, Football and Kinect. Videogames was clearly an afterthought for Microsoft and everyone saw it. Microsofts stock took a dive and gamers crucified it's marketing pitch - which was completely justified. The PS4 is for gamers.

I remember all the articles minimizing the inferiority of X1 and trying to push it early on, from the same places that would magnify pixel difference on ports of X360 and PS3.

As you said US-centric media and paid by MS marketing, so it is quite easy to know why it happened.

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