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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that what was alluded to at the end of KH2 was the Kingdom Hearts for PSP - A prequel that takes place 10 years before the original Kingdom Hearts.

Wikipedia says: (About Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep PSP)

"The story was speculated early on to be connected to the unlockable trailers at the end of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.[9] Nomura has since confirmed a connection to the trailers"

Yeah, that was what the KH2: FM+ secret ending showed but read my first post. KH3 is coming.


No, I wouldn't buy a PS3 or 360. I don't have enough money. I'd still stick with my Wii. Good thing it's definitely ending up on the Wii though Please no wars. Please no wars. Please no wars. :(

How can you make a stament like that without asking for wars?Anyways I hope it ends up either on the 360 or ps3 or even both of them so you won't be able to buy it :p




That sounds a little um..... I would say fanboyish, but the wii is your favorite console this gen so I don't know what to call it.