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DonFerrari said:
ArchangelMadzz said:

Video game characters don't hurt people. All I said was defending the idea of depicting kids in sex games is weird, even though they're just video games. 

I'm just saying it's easy to see WHY Sony do not want games like that on their platform. They're not trying to get them removed from existence, they just don't want it on their systems and they're perfectly in their right to do so, same with the epic games store. Steam is a place these people can go to. 

For me it is more than weird, but their removal doesn't really benefit anyone.

And the problem on this for me is that Sony is doing it out of external pressure and fear of #metoo movement and gamergate. They are basically bending over and taking something that is acceptable in Japan to please non-gamer on the west.

These games sell very little.

Also it worries some people that this could lead to more censorship, like some games that Sony was already not allowing release overseas, some censor in ports like happened to Yakuza series.

I really couldn't care why they're doing it. Also I've not seen some big push from these movements to go after these games. It's more so just normal people saying 'what the fuck is this shit'. 

This has always and is still happening. Mortal Kombat 11 is acceptable in the West yet is being blocked in Japan. There has always been blocks between different countries of different media. It sucks but this isn't something that's going to lead to more censorship it's always been happening, this is just 1 case that for some reason people have jumped on to attack.

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