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John2290 said:
Also, people get phones on contract. I would not have paid a grand for my phone, if it wasn't 99 euro on my phone and internet contract I would not have it. If I had not had need of the contract, I'd do with my 20 euro secondary phone modeled after the Nokia 3210 and my thumbs and eyes would be thankful for it. No normal bloke or lass is spending anywhere near 1k on a phone and likely the majority of people manage a contract for a free phone and take the hit for a slightly more outdated or mid tier handset.

Never had a phone on a contract... Buy mine outright, even if they are $1,400 AUD. - Works out cheaper in the long run.

But I would certainly be the exception.

Price of the console doesn't bother me provided it has the hardware to back it's price.

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