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SpokenTruth said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Buttigieg has some fatal flaws for me, especially that he doesn't support single payer healthcare or tuition free public colleges. But of course, he would still be lightyears better than Trump.

Those are definitely concerns I have with him but I have a feeling he's amendable and will accept those policies before the debates go into full gear.

Nighthawk117 said:

It's official, Seth Moulton is in. But, I don't think he will do well.

If Biden announces he's running on Weds., he immediately becomes the front runner. If he doesn't run, and I don't think he will, it opens up the door for Andrew Cuomo. Let's see what JB does.

Cuomo already stated back in November he isn't going to run.  That's why he's not on the potential candidate list.

What Cuomo said back then is that he would like to see Biden run...he left the door open on if Biden refused to run.  He said to the media....I'll get back to you...

Cuomo doesn't deserve to be on any of this list as committed/thinking/potential candidates on this day.  If Biden declines to run, then Cuomo will think about his chances - AND only commit to run by August/September in my opinion...He's a wishful contender on this day.

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