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EricHiggin said:

$499 CAD, which means it would need to be $399 USD, and since it seems likely it'll be $499 USD at launch, I'll have to wait a year or two, which I do most of the time anyway. I much prefer the kinks to be worked out.

The only way I see the $550+ crowd having their way, is if a $399, 1080p/pseudo 4k base model launches as well.

If MS offered a $599 model because they also had a highly affordable model, would you jump ship because you could only get a $499 PS5 for the next 3-4 years?

The 600 crowd have got to be Sony meat bots (and products of their influence as well as console warriors picking up the trend) the trend of pushing this was all too suddenly started, spread to far and wide all in one go and is too precise and consistent for it not to be a concerted effort. I don't know what the end goal would be, perhaps to over extend the pricing in people's mind so when it drops at 500 it "feels" like it is cheaper. Discussions on the internet don't just pop up like this with dozens of people giving their opinions on something very specific like 599/600 in such a narrow period of time. This is not organic. 


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