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Random_Matt said:
TheBlackNaruto said:
Switch staying steady very nice can't wait to see what ti does when the heavy hitters drop later this year! PS4 still holding its own not bad either we will see what Days Gone does but I think a pricecut/drop is the thing that will boost the sales up for a while imo. XB1 getting closer and closer to the other side of the river of life lol.

No games will mega boost PS4, it is done. Seven year gen is too long, and every Sony fan already has a PS4. This year and next is all Nintendo Switch at the very least.

Yeah I agree with the games part might get a minor boost here and there but outside of that only a NICE pricecut will really boost the sales. But to say every Sony fan already has a PS4 is just silly......if that was the case it wouldn't still be selling like it......

But yes this year is the year of the Switch, I even think it will be the peak year of the Switch personally. Next year will also be the year of the Switch I mean I do not think the Next XBOX will be out yet unless it drops this year around the Holidays which would give it a shot at taking over from the Switch next year. And the PS5 won't drop until the Holidays of 2020 unless they try to not give the NextBox a year head start and launch in March or April of 2020.

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