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Whoa, Switch adjusted up while the other 2 machines getting adjusted down, based on those new numbers that would mean that Nintendo actually landed 21k more controllers into hands this week than the other 2 companies combined efforts, heck the Switch alone is around 6k units off outselling the PS4 and X1 combined.

Also the X1 down to the 60k mark globally? that's pretty much a console on the way out, very much on the way out, it would now be very common knowledge even among those not too up on the sales of systems that it would be a poor investment right now to buy that system. Cascade sales drop in full effect. That is a 10k drop from last week for a system that's already selling tragically low numbers when you consider that it's got 2 different SKU's on the shelf with another one on the way with even less features. This E3 is going to need to start off with a large dish of humble pie and a very clear acknowledgement that the Xbox 1 was not what gamers wanted... that said, the Xbox1SAD is a closer step towards the original vision of what the X1 was going to be when it launched, no real ownership of games, less control of your device and also no backwards compatibility again which was lauded as one of the better features of the X1, now with the lack of disk drive completely back to square zero in that regard.

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