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Torillian said:
MrWayne said:

We will never know what their real intent was but if they just used "Christian" nobody would have a problem with that and the far right wouldn't have the munition to produce a outrage.

I think many liberals and lefties are overly careful when it comes to terrorist attacks commited by non white persons and extremist ideologies in non white communities.

Perhaps, but if they're so smart why didn't they see this little far right outrage coming? In my mind the simpler explanation is they said what was technically accurate and then the internet being what it is someone found issue with it because (and this is admittedly my own form of inductive reasoning on motives) if there's one thing white Christian people love more than anything it's to feel like they're the ones being persecuted. 

maybe they see it coming but value it differently than I do. I agree with you that many people stylize themself as victims but it is also reality that Christians (mostly non white) are persecuted around the world and there are people in the western countries who have the same ideology, over 1000 german citizens joined the IS, imagine these people committing terrorist attacks in germany.