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MrWayne said:
the-pi-guy said:

How horrible of Obama and Clinton to use a broader term that could include people that aren't Christians.

As a Christian, this is the biggest nothing being used to attack Obama Ive seen.

That's not that strange, seeing as how when they tweeted, no one knew who the perpetrators were. 

Besides mentioning that the terror attack was perpetrated by Muslims doesn't mean much.  Liberals avoid that terminology because people have the tendency to attack people that don't have anything to do with the attacks, just because they are Muslim.  There's no nefarious plot, there's no liberal agenda.  Just an avoidance of the BS.

The fact that conservative news outlets are writing reports about how Obama and Clinton using a more inclusive term than Christian says more about the news outlet's agenda than it says of any left narrative or Obama's agenda.  

Hm I think it's valid to ask why they used to term "easter worshippers" instead of Christians. As far as I know nobody called the victims of the New Zealand mosque shooter "Friday Prayer worshippers" or something like that.

"easter worshippers" isn't even a more inclusive term than Christians because we have no clue if the non Christians, who were killed in the churches, even "worshipped easter".

Edit: Also "easter worshippers" in a church celebrate to birth of god's son, Jesus Christ and how do we call such people? Christians

So if you think that Easter worshippers in a church are by definition Christian then what's the issue?

Obama: it's sad that 10 squares will killed this Saturday.

Conservative: Fuckin' coward doesn't want to say that rectangles were murdered.