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HollyGamer said:
thismeintiel said:

I think what Sony is doing is putting out just enough information to make Microsoft feel the need to reveal all at E3. Microsoft might reveal that they have same CPU, like last time, and a 12 Tflop high-end console. Then later, Sony reveals that there's is a 12.9-13.5 Tlop console. I think the 12.9 teraflop might be the ticket, as Digital Foundry pointed out that would have the same CUs as the Stadia, 56, if the leaked GPU info was in fact for PS5. That would allow them to tout the same amount of CUs as Google, while also having enough disabled to have higher yields.

Of course, that isn't that much of a difference, but it does allow to talk about having the most powerful console. Now, I think what is more interesting is what kind of tech the GPUs will use. We know 100% that Sony is using Navi, which means all of advancements that comes with. But, is MS using it, as well. Maybe they are using Vega. Or possibly a hybrid of both. If either of those are the case, I think the PS5 will have the more advanced GPU, even if they both have the same theoretical Tflops. 

E3 will be interesting for sure.

Lol you actually has the same mind with me.  It's more of strategy from Sony forcing Microsoft to reveal their card . By revealing sooner , make some hype  but keeping the small detail secret, Sony has left Microsoft on phinced position , Microsoft can only choose between showing their secret to outshine Sony or hiding it but make Sony get all the light and spot. 

If Microsoft want to outshine PS5 they cannot do the same thing and mentioned the same jargon to journalist and fan on E3 , Sony already did with 8k, Raytracing , Audio ray tracing, SSD, and fast loading time. They will have to pull performance number card which is Teraflop number like they did in 2016.

But if they want to hide their Xbox Next power and secret, they will risking losing some hype and some fan support. So it's safe to say SONY indeed made a smart move, what scary from Sony is not their Tech and reset division but their marketing division. 

I kind of doubt this.  It really does not matter when MS is ready to do their reveal because neither company is going to change course on what they are bringing to market.  Its not like Sony can make any last minute changes and neither can MS at this stage.  MS is going on their own strategy and they either made the right decisions or not.  Nothing Sony does will change anything they have planned at this point and this reveal by Sony probably isn't forcing MS to do anything they have not already planned to do.