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TranceformerFX said:
Regardless of 14+ Terraflops being possible, there's nothing to suggest that Sony will aim for that. Everyone's prediction in 2012 that the PS4 would be 3TF's (it was 1.4) was WAY OFF, and this won't by any different. Best case scenario, the PS5 will be 10 TF's - but it'll most likely be around 9.2 TF's.

That's 8 TF's more than the PS4, and 5 TF's more than the Pro.

I don't want the PS5 to have 14+ TF's cuz I don't wanna pay for it, because a 14+ TF PS5 will absolutely exceed a $500 MSRP. 9 TF's is absolutely fine.

Wanting more Terraflops just for the sake of getting as much as we can for the PS5 is f***ing stupid. I'm not willing to pay the price for what that'll entail, and neither will the consumer market. They tried that with PS3 - and it failed. Despite the PC gaming minority mindset; not everyone cares about specs and top of the line hardware.

Anything exceeding $450 MSRP for the PS5 will be a bad move.

A lot o what you have sad is wrong..... and your post will not age well.

I could show you a lot based on what we know and history to show why you are wrong...... but to much effort.