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A lot of this seems to fit very well with what we know. 

This part is the biggest part that I'm doubting is real:

-PSVR2 in 2020 also,reveal with ps5,big resolution boost probably 2560x1440,120hz,220 field of view,eye tracking,wireless,battery life 4-5 hours,headphones integrated,less motion sickenss,no breaker box,much less cable management,much more focus on VR for aaa games,price around 250$

220 fov is nonsense.  120 fov would make a lot more sense.  

Not sure if the 2560x1440 is per eye or total.  I'm assuming total.  That'd be 1280x1440 per eye.  Which would make for a modest upgrade.  Per eye would be a little bizarre of a resolution.  

But total would put it somewhere between the Rift and the Vive Pro.

Eye tracking would be smart.

But I don't see wireless and eye tracking happening at $250.  

For PC, it currently costs about $300 to add wireless to an existing headset.  

Sony isn't going to sell PSVR2 at a loss, not until VR gets big.  

I could see this happening at $400-500, not at $250.  

Raise the resolution, and it'd a fantastic headset for 2020. If it were utilizing foveated rendering, PSVR2 could be relevant for a good while.