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EricHiggin said:
HollyGamer said:

Lol you actually has the same mind with me.  It's more of strategy from Sony forcing Microsoft to reveal their card . By revealing sooner , make some hype  but keeping the small detail secret, Sony has left Microsoft on phinced position , Microsoft can only choose between showing their secret to outshine Sony or hiding it but make Sony get all the light and spot. 

If Microsoft want to outshine PS5 they cannot do the same thing and mentioned the same jargon to journalist and fan on E3 , Sony already did with 8k, Raytracing , Audio ray tracing, SSD, and fast loading time. They will have to pull performance number card which is Teraflop number like they did in 2016.

But if they want to hide their Xbox Next power and secret, they will risking losing some hype and some fan support. So it's safe to say SONY indeed made a smart move, what scary from Sony is not their Tech and reset division but their marketing division. 

This could also be a bit of reverse psychology. If XB is actually launching two next gen consoles, and one is around 4TF at $299 give or take, and the other is going to be 12TF or higher for $499, PS could be purposely pushing 14TF leaks to make MS beef up Anaconda as much as possible so they are losing as much as possible at a $499 price point. If MS really wants that power marketing then they can't really take a chance and just hope PS focuses mostly on price.

The reason to do this would be if PS wants to launch a single SKU at $399. The more expensive Anaconda is to manufacture for MS, the less likely they are to drop the price below $499, not to mention already having a $299 unit that's specifically there for those who don't care about or can afford the $499 model. This would allow PS to create a single SKU around 10TF give or take and sell it for $399, with minor loses and little worry that MS will try and compete on price with Anaconda.

This way consumers would have a choice of a $299 Lockhart around 4TF, a $399 PS5 around 10TF, or $499 Anaconda around 12TF. Even if Lockhart were to end up at 6TF, PS5 would look to be the best value overall at an overly affordable price. PS5 would also have the native 4k marketing on their side over Lockhart. The closer PS5 was to Anaconda in terms of TF for $399, the less Lockhart would matter. If PS5 was something like 11.1TF, not only would it be higher than Stadia, but would also be close enough to Anaconda at 12TF that most casuals who can afford $399 will likely go with PS5. Even if Anaconda ends up being 14TF, PS5 could then be 12TF and sold at $399, as long as PS is willing to take the hit.

That's true, Sony can play two card first being affordable but still have performance advantage that is hard to distinguish or expensive or being more powerful but keeping the same price with anaconda.