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Machiavellian said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
Beat the Owl. He was easy. His attacks were so slow and telegraphed. There were all either easily deflected, or dodged.

The Corrupted Monk was fun. Three DB's to kill her, but the first one goes away via a sneak attack. Her spinning sweep move is easily jumped over once you learn to see it coming. The phantoms are cute, but dodgable, and she's vulnerable once she reappears in the middle of the bridge.

Divine Dragon was also easy. Just grapple to a tree with lightning and toss it back at him.

Did anybody else find these bosses easy, or am I just on a roll?

Also, once I make it back to the Abandoned Dungeon I'll have all three mask pieces, which I hear lets you increase attack to maximum.

The Divine Dragon and True Corrupted Mone were easy.  After facing the corrupted monk in the Mubu village, the one on the bridge doesn't cut the mustard and of course you can cheeze it 2 twice of you want.    Owl gave me trouble for about 10 tries before I got his move set down, He is definitely slow and you can dodge his bigger moves but he still was able to punish me for mistakes and a few 2 hit kills also was a pain.  Most of my trouble I feel stem from the fact that the PS4 controller L1 buttons have way to much travel and blocks I thought I did, did not register.  Also I had to take off the skills because on accident sometimes I would click L1 and R1 and get punish.  

For the mask, I believe you need 5 skill points to use it, I have used so many skill points that it takes about 30K to get one now but then again I almost have all the skills so I have been having fun trying each one and see where they fit.

What makes the True Corrupted Monk really easy is that she doesn't have a standstill sweep attack. So you know if she's right next to you and a Kanji appears she's doing a stab. Also your damage is higher for this fight, and she honestly can't hold onto her posture at all. I think I did 30% damage to her max, and just posture wrecked her the whole time.

Did you have enough prayer bead necklaces when fighting the Owl? He couldn't two hit me if he tried. Luckily I still had the Green Gourd equipped from having to fight the poison using Ninja. So his poison did jack all to me. The item debuff orb hit me once, and then I just dodged it every time. His cloud of smoke was annoying though. He almost hit me a few times, because I couldn't lock onto him, and lost him. 

I haven't had issues with deflecting or blocking at all. But I am using a pretty new controller. 

Yeah, the toughest boss in the game is the XP meter. I've lost so much XP from dying now. :(